Nazara Suzani Collection

The Nazara Suzani collection presents itself in a classic style and as a novelty at the same time. The decorative motifs are taken from antique suzani silk embroideries, originate mainly from the Central Asian region of Uzbekistan (Bukhara region).

Classic carpets with gracile Suzani and Ikat motifs

In addition to the colourful floral motifs of the suzani silk embroideries, different famous ikat patterns serve as a model for the Nazara Suzani collection, which are also rooted in Uzbekistan. The combination of the original patterns creates creative and novel designs, which provide a special elegance and a very modern look.

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Decorative Suzani Rugs with Traditional Patterns

The Nazara Suzani collection is knotted traditionally in Afghanistan, the washing and finishing process of the rugs is made in the north of Pakistan. The filigree motifs are perfectly implemented with a very fine knotting of around 250,000 knots per square meter. Thanks to the handspun Afghan highland wool, these pure woolen rugs are very durable and show an almost silky shine.

Thanks to the careful manufacturing by hand and the high-quality highland wool, the carpets are very robust and easy to care. The fine motifs are very attractive due to the low pile of only seven to eight millimeters. The different motifs are available in various sizes from stock and create a classic and modern living ambience.

Nazara Suzani Collection

Product Details Nazara Suzani Collection

  • knotting: Turkish knotting technique
  • no. of knots: approx. 250.000 knots/m²
  • material: 100 % Afghan highland wool
  • pile height: approx. 7-8 mm
  • weight: approx. 3,20 kg/m²
  • origin: Afghanistan/Pakistan

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