Decorative Berber Rug As A Stylish Home Accessory

The Berber rug is undoubtedly one of the trendy interior trends and is already considered a carpet classic. The mostly light, fluffy woolen rugs find its place between different styles and cuts a good and decorative figure. Hardly any living magazine comes around these stylish brand rugs and the Berber carpet is also an important part of the range in specialist shops.

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Berber Rugs Have A Long Tradition

The Berber rug has its origin in the very north of the African continent: in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. The Berber tribes, who lived as nomads, weaved and knotted these robust woolen carpets here generations ago. Their name is derived from this ethnic group that created this type of carpet. These rugs were originally woven by hand. Knotting as a manufacturing technique became established in the 20th century.

The rugs are made of robust, natural sheep's wool, which protected the nomads from wind and cold. These rugs served as blankets, underlays and also as wall hangings in the tents for numerous tasks.

Symbolism And Design Of The Berber Rugs

Traditional motifs adorn these masterpieces made from new wool: triangles, rhombuses and tribal symbols are typical of a Berber carpet. These differ depending on the region and tribal affiliation. This allows to draw conclusions about the manufacturer and production region. Common to all Berber rugs is the typically asymmetrical pattern, which still makes them a decorative home accessory.

There are differences in the colors. Most have a beige basic tone that acts as a contrast to the dark motifs; however, depending on the region, there are also variants with a different color. Then there are yellow, red or orange tones, which are made from new wool dyed with vegetable colors.

Overview Of Berber Rug Collections

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Works Of Art Made From Pure New Wool

A Berber carpet consists of pure, hand-knotted new wool in natural tones. Mostly in beige or light brown - only very rarely black variants can be found - the wool is natural: washed and carded, but not dyed. The inimitable character of the rugs lies in the asymmetrical designs. Different geometric motifs add up to clear patterns, which are interrupted by decorations with various animal and tribal symbols. High-pile wool fibers are used as the material for traditional Berber carpets, which give the high-pile carpets the characteristic "shaggy" look.

An important quality feature is the knotting density. Classic Berber carpets from North Africa often only have a low density of 25,000 to 50,000 knots per square meter. With rough handling, the carpets quickly lose their wool.

In order to avoid this problem, Mischioff produces their Berber rugs in manufactories in Nepal. Although these rugs are not real Berbers, they look like the originals, but with better properties.

Berber Rugs From The Traditional Swiss Company

The Berber rugs in the Mischioff collections are based on the North African originals. Hand-knotted and made from high-quality new wool, they are in no way inferior to real Berbers. Our carpets have a smooth, low pile, which makes the carpets much easier to care for than their "shaggy brothers".

The careful and fine knotting of the high-quality materials also gives the Mischioff rugs greater stability, which the originals lack despite the Berber craftsmanship. Mischioff's Berber rugs are very robust, easy to care for and hard-wearing and are therefore suitable for the highest demands.

Our collections offer the right solution for private living areas as well as for highly frequented areas in the project area. We would be happy to introduce our Berber carpets to you - discover our extensive range of decorative, hand-knotted carpets.

Rustic Berber Rug Made From 100 Percent New Wool

If you are looking for a pure, natural woolen carpet, you will find it at Mischioff in the Marouk Collection. Similar to a Berber rug, the Marouk carpets are made of 100 percent pure new wool and have a natural look. The classic Berber patterns in a modern interpretation serve as a model for the decorative forms. In various basic colors, from beige to blue and gray to black, the collection offers a large selection for a wide range of tastes.

The new wool used comes from the highlands of the Himalayas and has a very gentle and easy-care character. The careful processing with around 93,000 knots per square meter ensures that these rugs neither fluff nor lose wool. Rather, they offer a rustic but modern look and can be integrated into a wide variety of facilities.

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Modern Berber Rugs - Made In Nepal

The Abramia Collection also shows high-quality and decorative rugs in the classic Berber style. The Abramia rugs are made in Nepal and are made from high-quality Himalayan highland wool combined with finest silk. The exclusive mix of materials ensures a noble look and the pleasantly soft pile of the rugs.

With around 160,000 knots per square meter, these Nepal carpets are very carefully and finely knotted by hand and qualitatively a real highlight. The different color versions can be ideally combined with different furnishing styles. We have the right variant for every taste.

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Design Carpets With Decorative Berber Motifs

The typical asymmetrical patterns and motifs of the Berber rugs are also used in the Sathi Collection. Made in Nepal by hand from high-quality Himalayan highland wool, the collection plays with classic Berber motifs, some models are worked out in silk.

The Sathi Collection offers various designs in different color versions: beige, gray, brown, black, but also colored versions are possible. While classic Berber carpets are deep-pile and shaggy, these rugs have a smooth pile that is rather low at around ten to twelve millimeters. This makes it much easier to maintain these exclusive designer rugs.

The special advantage: While a classic Berber is always a one-of-a-kind, the rugs of the Marouk, Abramia and Sathi Collection can be ordered in different sizes, so that they are suitable for a wide variety of living and commercial spaces.

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